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Lots for Verdigre Stockyards - Special Bred Cow Sale 11am Weigh-ups 9:00am (3)

Live Event Started: 1/14/22 10:00 AM (CST)
* Prices listed are unofficial. Contact sale management for official sale results
Brett_Romkema - 40 Black Bred Heifers-Calve Feb1st-21 days-Bull Bred to Amdahl Hereford Bulls-Heifers Originated out of Western South Dakota or Verdigre, NE-Mineral Program-Scourguard
Ryan_Cihak - 13 F-1 Bwf Bred Heifers-Calve March 5th-Ultrasounded-AI Bred 1 day to SAV Checkmate-Heifers are Homeraised or Came off a Ranch By Faith, SD-Mineral Program-1st Scourguard
Tom_Repenning - 60 Black Bred Heifers-Bred Leader Angus Bulls-Calve Feb 20th-21 days-Ultrasounded-Scourguard-Home Raised Heifers or off the Kruse or Mlady Ranch-15 Black Bred Heifers-April 20th-30 days